This guide offers information on the benefits of choosing natural and organic skin care for your child.

As a certified organic children’s brand, we believe in protecting the Earth for the next generation.

Our organic certifications verify that we use pure plant ingredients that are grown and harvested using natural farming methods that respect nature.

We look at our Organic Children‘s range which offers eczema-friendly, organic skin care for children which soothes, calms, nurtures and protects delicate young skin.

If your child is 3 or under, you may like to see our multi-award-winning Organic Babies range. This ultra-gentle collection features scent-free skin care for newborns as well as baby and toddler bath products that are lightly scented with Lavender to help support infant sleep routines.

Truly natural skin care for kids

Organic Children is a collection of gentle products formulated especially for kids, packed with natural ingredients that care for your child’s delicate skin and hair through the early years.

Organic Aloe Vera and natural bubbles from the stem of the Yucca plant soothe the skin, whilst the delicious scents of Lavender, Raspberry and Mandarin create a sensory bathing experience.

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Why choose organic skin care for children?

Our Organic Children skin care range is different to many of the others on the market today as it is so very gentle on young skin.

Natural and organic

It is our philosophy to carefully select pure and gentle plant actives that truly benefit children’s skin.

One of the main ingredients we use in our products for kids is organic Aloe Vera, famed for its nourishing, soothing and hydrating properties.

Another is organic Chamomile, which is rich in anti-inflammatory azulene and has a long history of use for sensitive skin.

The reason we choose to use organic ingredients wherever possible is that organic farming brings a wealth of benefits for both people and the planet.

  • Healthier soils
  • Fewer pesticides
  • Nature friendly

Gentle and eczema friendly

Our use of natural and organic ingredients means that our skin care for kids is eczema-friendly and safe for those with sensitive skin.

We infuse our products with pure essential oils from the freshest of fruits and in place of harsh foaming agents, we use soothing Yucca to encourage a froth of skin-kind bath bubbles.

Sustainable and cruelty free

All of our skin care products for kids are cruelty free and vegan friendly. The squeezy tubes that we use to package our children’s bath and hair care products are all made with sugar cane plastic, a 100% recyclable, carbon-neutral material.

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Organic bath and body products for children

Our Organic Children shampoos, conditioners and shower gels are family favourites and suitable for use by children of all ages, from toddler to pre-teen and beyond.

The natural scents of Lavender Burst and Berry Smoothie are incorporated into gentle blends that are non-irritating for skin but effective at cleansing and moisturising hair, and the natural foaming agents make for lots of fun bubbles.

Gemma C says the Organic Children Lavender Burst Bath & Shower Gel is a household favourite:

While Linda loves Berry Smoothie Shampoo:

Natural SPF30 skin care for sunny days

Children love nothing more than playing outside on a nice day, and what better way to protect them from the sun’s rays than with our Organic Children’s sun creams.

Just as with our other skin care for children, our kids’ sun creams are ultra-gentle and pure, helping to avoid reactions such as prickly heat. These sun lotions are also naturally water repellent, allowing your child to splash about on a summer’s day whilst remaining protected from the sun.

Ellen says the Organic Children Scent Free sun cream is a ‘win win’ for sensitive skin and the planet:

Green People’s Aloe Vera Lotion & After Sun moisturises and protects young skin with its soothing blend of Calendula and Aloe Vera.

Ideal for everyday use as well as after time in the sun, this organic moisturiser can be used all over your child’s body as it contains gentle, natural ingredients and no irritating synthetic chemicals.

Natural toothpaste for children

Finding a toothpaste that your child likes is a difficulty faced by many parents. However, our customers tell us that their kids love the taste of our natural toothpastes, which come in Mandarin or Spearmint flavours and in a choice of fluoride or fluoride-free.

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organic toothpaste for children

These toothpastes clean delicate teeth and gums gently with their organic and natural ingredients. They also have a protective antioxidant effect on gums and remove plaque from teeth, helping them to stay healthy and fresh.

Monika M chooses the Organic Children Mandarin and Aloe Vera toothpaste for her children:

For help choosing the best organic skin care for your kids, contact our UK customer care team on 01403 750350 or at @GreenPeopleUK.

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